| Since 1962 |

Oyster Easter was started 55 years ago this year by  Dudley Warner who was a Vanderbilt student at the time. Some of his buddies couldn’t get home for Easter so he decided to create a party for them. “We were looking for something fun to do, so we got a keg of beer and oysters on the half shell.” That slim pickings in 1962 shot up to be one of Nashville's longest standing traditions.




Oyster Easter Today

Well, it’s grown a bit since then. Now more than 600 people party hearty the Saturday before Easter with a Cajun feast from Puckett's Boat House, entertainment, games, and the coveted race for Oyster King and Oyster Queen.

The intent of Oyster Easter is serious business to CRC, but the actual party is just fun. It’s just a great party. “It’s a lot of foolishness after a long hard winter,” says founder, Dudley. Yes Dudley..yes it is.

2016 Oyster Easter | Traveller's Rest

2016 Oyster Easter | Traveller's Rest