Cindy David, founder and master designer at Cindy David Designs has been producing handmade artisan jewelry for the last 15 years.  Although, not a Nashville Native by birth, she is a "Nashville Native in heart."  I love to travel, cook & dance salsa in my free time. 

 Philanthropic giving and being of “service” back to my community is a pillar value of mine. During my years of service, I have worked with many non-profit organizations (Our Kids, Make a Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Adult Literacy, Thistle Farms, etc.) where I was able to give back. “Through servitude, you find gratitude.”  This has been my personal motto.  

 While I have been an Oyster Easter patron & donor (through jewelry sales) over the years, this is my first time EVER running for Oyster Easter Queen.  I strongly believe in the CRC's work and mission whereas 100% of the funds raised STAY IN TENNESSEE.  Therefore, I wish you will support me in my Candidacy for OYSTER QUEEN 2017 by purchasing tickets to the OE event under my name.  Here's HOPing to becoming the next OYSTER EASTER QUEEN 2017!  SHUCK YEAH!

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